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I am a confident 50 year-old business professional living in the U.S.

I'm a young-looking 50 as most women believe I'm in my early-40's.

I have blond hair with streaks of silver on my temples.

I'm not the young Adonis I (like to think) I was, but I'm frequently told that I am handsome.

I'm 5'8" tall and a trim 158 lbs., with a 32" waste and a 35" chest.

I really don't have an excess of body hair - none on my butt or back. I do have a bit of a hairy chest, but again, not in excessive amounts.

I shave my entire pelvic region, cock and testicles - I love the smooth, clean feel of being shaven, plus, not having all that hair down there makes clean up after sex so much easier.

My hungry cock is circumcised, not for cultural or religious reasons, but because that's was the trend in America when I was born.

My cock is a healthy 5.9 inches long, with a nice girth. It curves upward and slightly to the right.

I love titties of every shape and size (hence my post name).

Although I really enjoy looking at younger women with tight bodies, I LOVE admiring the more mature and experienced women in their late 30's - mid-50's. These beauties' bodies may not always be as tight, and gravity may be setting in, but hey, there's a lot of beauty and style that comes with age. Plus, there's a very true saying, older women make great lovers.

My sexy clothes turn-ons are lace thigh-high stockings with a garter belt. I love sexy costumes that expose titties. Mmmmmmmmm. . . .

Believe it or not, the first thing I notice about a woman are her mouth and lips - a small mouth is my favorite.

When it comes to making love, I take my time and give my lover's body my full attention. I feel that if she doesn't have an intense orgasm, then I haven't succeeded in pleasing her, and it actually diminishes my pleasure is she doesn't cum.

Moaning during sex is a big turn-on for me. If I'm comfortable with my lover, and when sex is getting very intense and I'm about to cum, I make a lot of noise - its very freeing - it allows me to just let it go and intensifies my orgasm. I love it when my lover does the same, but No Faking It!

I love watching a woman fingering and truly pleasuring herself. I love to hear her moan when she cums. I especially find it erotic when her body quivers and spasms as her orgasm intensifies. It's a beautiful site to me.

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